Olive’s butterfly party


Having done one butterfly party already, I gently tried to persuade Olive to go with an ice-cream theme. But to no avail. The child loves “blutterflies”.  So blutterflies it was.

Butterflies on Urbio

As a special treat for Olive and her friends, we arranged a butterfly adventure.

Butterflies on a branch

A butterfly-lovin’ lady came to the house and gave the girls a little talk about the life cycle of butterflies. The kids were fascinated.

She showed them a caterpillar, a chrysalis and even dressed Olive up as what looked like a butterfly on crack but was actually (I took her word for it)  an accurate representation of a butterfly with its 6 legs, lots of eyes and 2 noses!

Olive dressed as butterfly

She also brought a box of dead butterflies.

Box of butterflies

Because what’s a party without a stark reminder of the fragility of life and finality of death?

Box of dead butterflies

It was a good idea though because it gave the kids an opportunity to feel butterfly wings. At the same time it was explained to them why they couldn’t touch or pat the live butterflies they were about to meet.

There were varied reactions to the live butterflies. The birthday girl started out strongly but when one flew near her head she went into screaming hysterics. Other kids were completely mesmerised.

Butterfly drinking Powerade

The butterflies were exquisite. These are monarch butterflies and their tipple of choice? Cotton wool balls soaked in Powerade. Of course.

Butterflies on my hand

There was, unsurprisingly, a butterfly cake. I popped a rabble  (which Google tells me is, with “swarm”, the collective noun for a group of butterflies) of these lovely rice-paper butterflies atop the cake.

Butterfly cake

For those of you that are religious, the taste of these butterflies will be very familiar. My girls expected them to be sweet so there was a bit of the old “pegheugh” and rapid expulsion of the offending butterflies, but if they’re going to try to eat them without being dipped in red wine, then what do they expect?

All in all there was a surfeit of blutterflies and a happy little 4 year old. A good outcome I think.

Flock of butterflies on wall

As always, happy to provide details of where I bought stuff, the butterfly company etc if anyone wants. Just leave a question in the comments.

13 thoughts on “Olive’s butterfly party

  1. No wonder Olive likes the butterfly theme! Delightful pictures! Had no idea about the 2 noses and multiple eyes.
    Also didn’t know you had Monarchs in Oz

  2. What fun! A friend of mine had a butterfly party for her daughter last year. They ordered something like 41 caterpillars to raise, helped them cocoon (is that a verb?), etc. so they could watch the process and then release them at the party. Unfortunately, the birthday girl got violently ill on the day of her party and had to cancel the event. Pathetic and sick as she was, she still gently released every single butterfly by herself. :-/

  3. Great!!

    I enjoyed this post while sipping on my early morning cup of cottonwool soaked with powerade.

    I am looking forward to next year’s less anticipated ‘Moth Party’. Everyone in grey at night with one light for on in the corner.

  4. love it. kitty has asked for a butterfly party too. im trying to manipulate a farm themed birthday. don’t think i’ll win this war. oh to be a controlling crafty mummy that wants to make things to her theme ideas. looked amazing though!

    • Yeah, there’s always that moment where I have a brilliant party theme idea and think I might be able to convince the relevant child to go along with it. And then they choose something they actually want. Selfish indeed. It’s almost as if their birthday is all about them instead of me.

    • I think I’ll only be able to get away with that aspect for so long! But I’m milking it while they’re little and stuffin’ ’em full of info disguised as fun.

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