Butterfly hoop decorations

Gold paint touches on butterfly art

I made these hoop decorations as little take-home gifts from Olive’s butterfly birthday party.

Butterfly hoop art

I printed this ethereal image onto fabric.

After that I framed each butterfly in a small embroidery hoop. They look best framed slightly off-centre.

Butterfly hoops

As a final touch, I added a few tiny flecks of gold paint here and there – just to give the slightest glimmer.

I was really pleased with the way these turned out.

Butterfly hoop_edited-1

They’re not, perhaps, the usual garish gewgaw that appeals to a 4 year-old, but I like to think, for that very reason, they might not be discarded quite as quickly.

But I’m not entirely oblivious to the needs of 4 year old party attendees: I sent ’em home with a big fistful of sweets as well.

9 thoughts on “Butterfly hoop decorations

  1. I love them! I did something similar for my 9yo’s party bags, but I just put (what I thought was beautiful) patterned fabric in them – and I too hoped they weren’t discarded as quickly as the usual PB contents. Helen

    • Thanks Helen. Yes, I once did that too and had lots of mums comment that the square of fabric was the most popular thing – after the sweets of course! Thanks for your comment. xx

    • Thank you dear Erin. Most certainly not a silly question. There are actually myriad ways but easiest of all is to buy sheets of ready-made printable fabric which you just run through your printer like normal paper – which is what I did. Here’s an old post of mine that chats about various methods: https://twirlingbetty.wordpress.com/2010/01/06/how-to-print-on-fabric/
      Hope that helps. And yes, I think they would be lovely adult pressies. I actually know one or two of the mums appropriated their kid’s butterfly hoop for themselves!

  2. I didn’t manage to comment on the party post, so here I am. I have to say, after surviving an inexplicably dense February/March birthday party season, I would love the girls to get things like this in their goody bag – rather than the mountains of plastic rubbish I just chucked out. Bewdiful. As were the party pics. That canvas of the girls….

    In other news, 14 months after we moved house, I finally put up your embroidered “Violet” ring in their bedroom today. Progress!


    • Thanks my love. So glad to hear Vi’s hoop has gone up. Very touched that you do actually still like it! That photo on the canvas is the girls at Bethels. Wait until you see it…miss you/ xx

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