Tasmania for the weekend.


One of my best girls has moved to Tasmania and I popped down for just 2 brief nights in Hobart. It was short but very sweet.

Such a beautiful spot.

This is the view on the way in from the airport.

drive into Hobart

I felt like we were driving into the clouds.

These are the views from my friend’s house.

View from the hill Hobart

View from hill Hobart 2

Yeah, it’s alright I suppose.

And I had no idea that Hobart loved me back as much as I loved it – see the cloud in the first pic?

It was a sign – I must return. If only so I can continue to crack hilarious Tassie jokes. That my friend just can’t get enough of.

You can imagine.

Next time I am going for much longer and will be visiting here, here and here.  I also need to do this walk.

Ahhh Tas, I have heard your siren song.


4 thoughts on “Tasmania for the weekend.

  1. Wow! Tasmania looks wonderful – I really need to go there!
    Seriously, I’m touched by this post, and yes, Tas loves you back. Please come back soon (snow on the mountain today!).

    • I will be back with bells on…and pants probably. But only if you want me to wear them. You probably won’t.

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