Unexpected echidna.


Much better than an expected echidna, yes?

Do you know what an animal that lays eggs and then suckles its young is called? Well, apart from just plain fecking weird, I mean.

We call that type of animal a monotreme, amigos. And there are only two types of monotreme in the world.

Here is one I prepared earlier.

Echidna 2

This little chap was just walking along the side of the road when we spotted him and as soon as I got in close to snap him (with my camera – I’m not into punching wildlife) tucked his head away so he was just a spiny mass. But I waited patiently and that cute little bill soon appeared again.

Echidna spines

The only other monotremes are platypuses. Or is it platypi. Anyway, both of those.

And we all know what the reaction of the first Englishmen to see a platypus specimen when it was sent back to England was. Yes.  “WTF is that”?

To be honest, actual proof that they said that exact phrase is hard to come by but imagine what you would say if all you had ever known were fluffy English meadow creatures and you were suddenly confronted by a furry, duck-billed, four-legged, webbed-foot, beaver-tailed nocturnal amphibian. That laid eggs.


I wish unexpected echidnas (or platypussies) in all of your futures. They’re the best.

4 thoughts on “Unexpected echidna.

  1. So weird! V just dropped some friends off at the pool and described one of them as an echidna! As C would say/yell: “Connection! connection!”

    Where were you? They’re not much into urban bayside habitats are they?

    Miss you. xx

  2. We’ve had many a sighting of this magnificent monotreme here in Tassie, in fact they’re almost expected on bush walks here. Love ’em even if they are a bit prickly. Xx

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