Google Reader is so May 2013.

Interior piano side

Google Reader, as you may or may not know, is shutting down at the end of this month.

If you subscribe to my blog via Google Reader and would like to keep receiving my posts, you have two options:

1. The simplest way to make sure you don’t miss any twirling betty posts is to subscribe via email and have them delivered direct to your inbox by filling in your email address in my side bar over there on at top right of my site. You do have to gimme your email address (obviously) but I don’t EVER (and won’t ever) use it for anything other than delivering my ramblings/projects/recipes. And perhaps sending you the odd love note because I am so grateful you subscribe.

Okay, I won’t send love notes. Unless you want me to. Call me, kay?

2. Move to another feed collating service such as Bloglovin’.  They have a simple importing process that means all your feeds are brought across with just a few clicks. Simple. Painless. Free.

And it’s quite a pretty interface. Visually-minded peeps will like.

piano interior 2

If you’re not sure which path to take, can I be cheeky and urge you to subscribe via email? Each new subscriber gives me a warm inner glow and lets me know I ‘aint writing into the ether. Although perhaps I should be given I use words like ‘aint.

These interior shots of my beautiful old piano are simply window dressing. It’s really an admin post but I couldn’t, in good conscience, leave you with nothing good to look at.

I had the piano tuned recently and I was mesmerised by the repeating patterns within. I’m going to take it up again some time soon. Even doing scales is very therapeutic if, like me, you like mind-calming activities. Yes, constant scales. The family will LOVE that.

Interior piano Schwechten

My great grandmother bought this piano and had it shipped from Germany to Melbourne in a salt-proof, lead-lined box aboard an ocean liner. I can imagine it being loaded at that end by the makers with an “Auf wiedersehen Klavier, meine liebling”  and received  in the antipodes with a “this is a bloody heavy box, mate”.

Just like the Aussie patois, it’s a beautiful thing.


2 thoughts on “Google Reader is so May 2013.

    • Thanks Erin – for keeping up with me on two platforms (smooch to you) and for the link to Feedly. I went with Bloglovin’ as I like the layout and because you have to click right through to the person’s blog to read a post but I’ve just had a browse around Feedly and it looks great. I’ll stick to Bloglovin’ for now and see how things pan out. Not saying I’m marrying it just yet though! xx

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