LOVE: Snurk bedding

Snurk bedding on our bed

I am fussy about doona covers. I don’t often find one I like so when I do, I tend to snap it up.

A while back I stumbled across Dutch company Snurk and I snapped like a crazed snapping turtle – and not just for our bed, but for the baby Bettys too.

Sophia has these little lambs, respectively called Wool and 100%.

lamb snurk

Olive got the curled up kitten (appropriately named Ollie by Snurk)

Ollie Snurk

And for our bed I bought this fabulous trompe l’oeil cover – looks like an old crocheted blanket, but is in fact, gorgeous, soft printed cotton. Here’s Snurk’s shot of it – beautiful, yes?

new skool pink 2

Their prices are so reasonable, the quality is fantastic and shipped directly from the company, my stuff arrived within a week or so. Also, they donate a proportion of each sale to a social cause. What is not to love.

Check out their website for other great designs. I have started to see their astronaut bedding featured online in various spots more recently.

Here’s another shot of our bed with the bedding on.

Snurk doona and eiderdown

The eiderdown at the end was my Great Grandmother’s. She was a great traveller and brought it back from England on one of her many trips abroad. I have loved it since I was a little girl and when my Grandmother passed away a few years ago, it came to me.

Last night my love for it was cemented even further. No, it wasn’t that it kept a particularly bitter winter chill at bay, but rather that I saw a very similar one in the background of a scene in Lady Cora Grantham’s bedroom.

You can just see a sliver in this shot.

Cora in bed with my doona

And if it’s good enough for the laaaaayyyyydeeesss of Downton Abbey,then it’s probably too good for me but I’m keeping it anyway.


7 thoughts on “LOVE: Snurk bedding

  1. Just bought the princess for Kitty. She is obsessed with princesses. I would have preferred the puppy but I had to do it just to see the look on her face! Thanks for the tip off. What amazing bedding.

    • That’s fab George – I’m so glad I could point you in the direction of something that will light up Kitty’s little face! They’re great products and nice people. A pleasure to support a biz like that. xxx

  2. Wow – I love the quilt cover that you bought – I have to get one for myself! Just one question – are there buttons or a zip at the opening? Thanks! x

    • Hi Rebecca – glad you like. Actually there are neither. Like many Euro quilt covers it just has an open slot. You can tuck it under your mattress or let it hang. We let ours hang and it looks fine. You can’t tell it has neither zip nor buttons in my view. Hope that helps.

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