An unexpected world within tupperware.

It seems an ordinary plastic container, yes?

Tupperware container with a secret

So imagine my surprise when I pulled it from the cupboard to store some leftovers and found this happy family zooming through snowy, alpine peaks.

Sophia's tupperware snowy scene

They really are happy, see?

Close up Sophia's snowy world

Surprise art by your kid. It’s really the best kind.


4 thoughts on “An unexpected world within tupperware.

    • Could you bring yourself to remove them all? I kept a “picture” Soph did on her white bedroom wall with a black Sharpie for years. Nearly killed me to paint over it but my need for clean space won out. I sometimes regret it though.

  1. OMG, are you telling me that that scene was just left in there from Soph or Olive for you to stumble across? Too special. What I wouldn’t give for a crafty little girl leaving surprises like that. I woke last night for a toilet stop only to find a surprise on the bathroom floor around the toilet, my socks soaking up the recent pungent wee of a sleepy semi conscious 7 year old. Does that compare? Should I have been grateful? Hmmm. Love the Alpine adventurers. Love. it. xxxxx

    • No she (Soph) didn’t make it deliberately to surprise me, she just made it, forgot about it, put the lid on and I, not noticing, chucked it back in the cupboard. And yeah, I think middle of the night urine-soaked socks count as an arty surprise. They would at MONA, anyway. xxx

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