Painted wooden serving boards: a tutorial

small aqua ended cheese board gold knife on angle

Last Christmas my brother gave me Jamie Oliver’s latest cookbook: ” Jamie’s 15 minute meals”.  It both inspired and perplexed me.

Blue cheese platter close up

I was  inspired by the painted serving boards in the book but perplexed by the notion that anyone could complete some of the recipes in there in 15 minutes.

Edge of red edge cheese platter

Achievability of the food within aforementioned time limit aside, I’m here to tell you these painted wooden boards (if not Jamie’s recipes) whip up in under 15 minutes. Well, the first coat, anyway. Okay, so maybe don’t start these at a quarter to I’ve-got-to-be-somewhere.  Twenty to should be plenty though!

Pile of 3 wooden cheese boards

Once again, I’ve employed my very favourite masking tape and paper punch stencil method…

Wooden cheese platter board painters tape stencil

with much success.

Painted wooden cheese board blue dots

I hesitated to call this a tutorial as (with so many of my thangs) it really is criminally simple but I’m going to go ahead and do that anyway because I’m badass like that.

Small aqua edged cheese platter gold knife below

What you need:

  • Wooden serving board, cheese board, platter. Whatever takes your fancy. Do ensure it is not treated ie, safe to serve food on.
  • Food safe paint.
  • Painter’s tape or good quality masking tape

I got my food safe paint from ecolour paints.  I highly recommend them. They were lovely to deal with on the phone and very helpful despite the fact I was only ordering sample-sized quantities of paint. You  only need a small amount for this project and 0.5 litre typically costs AUS$13. Pretty decent I think.

Eco colour paint pots

I’m sorry I can’t give you international suppliers but I’m sure a google search in your area would lead you to what you want.

Blue cheese platter with walnuts, olives, quince paste, brieThe other thing I truly LOVE about this company is they can mix up any colour at all. You just choose the paint swatch you want and let them know the brand and name of the colour.

Aqua stripe cheese platter

What to do:

1. Paint your wood.

You can use steel wool to rough it up for a distressed look once it’s dry. Or use painter’s masking tape to create stripes and perfect straight lines. And use your paper punch to make templates. Endless possibilities.

Painted wooden platter in progress masking tape

I am making some of these for Christmas gifts this year. I think a board along with a beautiful cheese knife or even a round of cheese and some quince paste makes a beautiful Christmas present.

Red edged cheese platter closer

I collected my boards from various spots including IKEA and the local supermarket. The olives, however, are our backyard 2013 crop. Salty little bastards but I love ’em. Quince paste is mine too. Satisfying to have two homemade comestibles on the one platter.

Homemade olives

And don’t feel limited to cheese. I had a party last night and served a pile of homemade brownies on some of these boards. If you can put it on a platter, you can put it on one of these.

Red-edged painted wooden cheese board

Acqua stripe cheese board close up

PS: I’ve updated the look of my blog. I struggled to let go of my twirling chick on horseback but I’m much happier with the cleaner feel of this new design. Also, for a long time I’ve wanted a theme that  showcases my photographs better. They’re now bigger (in the horizontal view) and, I hope, better for that fact. Whaddya think?

12 thoughts on “Painted wooden serving boards: a tutorial

    • Thanks Gretchen – for your comment on the boards and feedback on the new design. Of course, I only ate one slice of each of those cheeses. Oh hang on, did I say slice? I meant entire wheel. xxx

  1. As I’ve told you emphatically before-I LOVE these boards. They look so striking and would make a beautiful personalised present. I am also loving “comestibles”-I had to refer to my trusty dictionary! So thank you for extending me both craft-wise & vocabulary wise!! Xx

  2. Hello, just stumbled on your blog – it’s lovely! I wondered if there was other food safe paint to use when making the boards? I’m not having much luck just googling it but I was wondering if acrylic paint would do the trick…thoughts?

    • Hi Shelly – and thank you. Delighted to have you.
      Although some acrylic paints are labelled non-toxic, as I understand it, they’re not suitable for surfaces with which food will come into contact. I very much wish I could say go ahead or point you to an alternate, easier-to-source paint but in good conscience I’m afraid I just can’t as I don’t actually know what the toxicity, if any, would be. So sorry I wasn’t able to be more helpful. Perhaps you could just do edges of the board?

  3. If you use the food safe paints do the boards need to still be sealed in anything? For food safety or to protect the paint?

  4. Hi there, I have just come across your site and clicked the link of the ecolour but it doesn’t seem to be working, I have googled but not sure if I have come across the right company as I can’t find food safe paint on their site, was there any other link you could possibly pop up to check out these paints?
    These boards are gorgeous, the same Jamie Oliver book piqued my interest in the painted boards also 🙂
    Thanks x

    • Hi there
      Sorry the link has expired – I presume the link you found on Google was That’s what I just found after googling and it is the same co. I actually rang them and asked about the food safety aspect. The woman I spoke to assured me they were indeed food safe and said the founder (or one of the staff – can’t recall) used them to paint the interior of chocolate boxes. If I were you I would probably call them yourself just to confirm what I was told. If you do do that, – and if it isn’t the case, or no longer the case – I’d be grateful to know so I can update the post. I haven’t posted in a couple of years now but will always update safety info! Cheers and good luck. Christen

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