Christmases past

First living wreath

Every year I do it. Get over-excited. Plan too much. End up feeling a bit less jolly and a bit more postal.

Edge of fabric cracker

Not doing it this year.

Gingerbread house - front view

I do have a few things planned – I mean a girl can’t just go cold Christmas turkey now can she?

Christmas drinks invitations and Christmasy polar bear

But mainly I’m just trying to be present. In each moment. And yes, I know how trite that sounds but I am still committed to doing it because I think it is worthwhile.

Cream velvet bow on golden Christmas tree decoration

And my window of opportunity to have little girls looking at the Elf on the Shelf in wonder is swiftly closing.

Christmas Tea light, vintage bauble and shelf elf

In fact, the older one already maintains that she’s sure the elf comes from Ebay and not the North Pole.

Close-up of jingle bells on Olive's stocking

You have to believe to receive, I say. And that puts paid to her scepticism. Out loud, at least.


In the meantime I’ve been looking back through some of my posts from past Christmases. I’m re-posting some of my favourite projects and hope they might give you some festive inspiration…or just provide a bit of xmas eye-candy at the very least.

Christmas Card - bunting

Click on the “Christmas ” in the righthand sidebar to see all these and many more Christmas posts. There aren’t really tutorials for most of these but if you want any details , drop me an email (on the contacts page above) and I’ll be very happy to oblige you with  a quick set of instructions.

Christmas candy cane lollipps

I love the wintery-ness of a Northern hemisphere Christmas. Which is completely at odds with the searing heat of antipodean celebrations.

Tolkien's Father Christmas Letters - Polar Bear's Accident

Don’t get me wrong, I relish everything about an Australian Christmas but I simply cannot help but emblazon things with snowflakes. Feels so wrong and yet I can’t stop.  Christmas crack.

Jube wreath close up with description

This cosy Christmas in July was a natural progression for one so taken with the thought of roaring fires and snow-trimmed windows.

Christmas table by candlelight

There’s a white Christmas in our near future. I feel it in me waters.

Starlight mint bauble with description

What about you, my darlings. Grand Christmas project plans? I love to live vicariously so let me know in the comments if you feel inclined. Oh go on, do.

Starlight mint LED lights

10 thoughts on “Christmases past

    • Argh! How could I forget the Tiffin Tribe. It is NOT Christmas without them. Can I do a whole post on them? With your permission? Discuss.

  1. Well, 15cm of the white stuff is due to fall this weekend, but a couple of hours north of here. So, we’ll make due with flurries. And to get into the Christmas spirit, I secretly put up Christmas lights outside AND wrestled a 7 foot Canadian Fraser Fir tree into my car, into my house, and thanks to my dad into the tree stand in our family room. That was Tuesday. The girls noticed right away after school, perhaps because of the presence it takes in our main room, perhaps because of the glorious smell throughout the main floor. Well, my darling husband, who as you we’ll know, suffers from a case of the Scrooges sometimes, hasn’t yet noticed…yup. That was Tuesday when it went up and it’s now Friday!!!!!

  2. Loved the remembrances! Anytime you want to spend Christmas in Pittsburgh, there is a Little House waiting and LOTS of opportunity to decorate, etc. etc. Would love love love to have yinz! xoxo Jamo

  3. I’m doing so very, very little this year, at least as far as making things goes. I’m doing my usual “goodies” box with handmade ornaments (20 or so), a few simple gifts for special friends (plaster votive holders), and one knit hat. Yet, somehow I’m still feeling a little postal. Perhaps because of a serious lack of planning. :-/ Your photos are lovely!

    • Thanks Gretchen. Your Christmas gift plans sound so lovely – but I hear you on the postality. A new word. Owning it. Plaster votives sound esp beautiful. Look forward to seeing them…I hope. On your blog, I mean. Not dropping hints for a pressie on the doorstep! Haha. xx

  4. Christmas plan this year was mainly focused on the little one that showed up on the 10th of December. What a perfect present, right? I had still time to prepare some few decorations in the house. But coming from Europe, I agree I don’t feel the Christmas spirit without the cold. Surfing Santa Claus doesn’t look right!

    • Well yes, what a beautiful gift you’ve received – babes and little ones bring such joy to this time of year. And you know, I come from the Southern Hemisphere and sometimes I don’t really get surfing santa either! Thanks for commenting. Have a lovely Christmas. x

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