Mini Christmas Puddings: the cheats’ version

Choc royal puddings 2

These little babies are quick, kitsch and festive – a magical trifecta in my books.

You just use Chocolate Royal biscuits  – at least that’s what they’re called here in Australia. I feel sure everyone must have something similar, and if you don’t, perhaps contact your local political members to address that abuse of your basic human rights.

They are biscuit discs topped with jam then marshmallow and dipped in chocolate.

Choc Royal pudding close up

They remind me so strongly of my paternal Grandmother, Isabella, who ALWAYS had a plastic Tupperware container of Chocolate Royals in her neat-as-a-pin kitchen cupboard. They were such a treat and after we had chosen one she would carefully replace the lid, slowly squeezing the air out fastidiously, and tuck them away again. A soothing ritual, of which she had many.

Choc Roayl puddings

She would love these I think. Just drizzle some white chocolate over the top, pop on a Jaffa and some chopped up green jubes for leaves and Bob, as they say, will be your uncle.

The girls loved helping me with these (as you can well imagine) and it’s something kids can do almost entirely on their own  – perhaps just with help to melt the white choc if yours, as mine, are still just a mite short to reach the microwave.

And I have to tell ya, they’ve been the first thing to go at every function they’ve made an appearance at – both for kids and adults! And I may or may not have eaten 50 bajillion of them myself. Nostalgia is a powerful force.

6 thoughts on “Mini Christmas Puddings: the cheats’ version

  1. In the UK we have Tunnock’s tea cakes which look similar but I don’t think there’s any jam in them. These look amazing definitely storing the idea away for future use. Merry Christmas to you and yours:)

    • Tunnock’s Tea Cakes…I LOVE that name. Better than Choc Royals. Merry Christmas to you and your family too Jackie – thank so much for commenting.x

  2. Love these Betty!! Heading to supie as we speak to grab ingredients! I’m no cook so my mob generally just tolerate feasting at my house, it these will impress and I only have to cook chocolate! Thank goodness Uncle Google can teach me that part! Chin chin!!

    • Yay – delighted they struck a such a chord – and indeed it must have been a chord to inspire you to head out into deepest Ratty night! Advice for melting chocs: use choc buttons and melt at half power for a minute at a time, stirring after each. Don’t let any water come in contact with the mix or the chocolate will seize. Hope your mob loves them as much as ours. xx

  3. The ones I can get in the Midwest US don ‘t have jam, BUT, the marshmallow is swirly, like a fancy bundt cake under that chocolate. I think they would work. I am busy decorating ninja bread cookies

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