Okay, picture this: it’s early 1940-something and a crowd of polite (because they were all polite back then, you know) and excited young men and women are converging on the Palais de Danse on the foreshore of St Kilda in Melbourne. Among them are Edgar and Betty, a couple of young love-birds who had met a year beforehand when Edgar hit Betty on the bottom with a golf ball during a game.  Accidentally of course!

Betty has set her light brown hair into soft curls and is wearing sheer stockings and a new dress.  She is carrying a small handbag with face powder, lipstick, a touch of blush, a hankie and some small coins. Edgar looks handsome in his suit.  They enter the dance hall and their stilted shyness of a few moments before falls away as Edgar pulls Betty gently onto the dance floor.  Red-cheeked with excitement and love they dance the evening away, oblivious to the looming war that will take Edgar overseas for 7 long years fighting in Africa and Italy.

For now, though, they are caught up in the moment.  For now all they feel is the joy of each other as they whirl and twirl across the dance floor.  For now all that matters is twirling Betty.

For me, creating things is like a tangible thread that links the generations of women in our family. My great-grandmother was a dressmaker and tailor, Betty a talented painter and prolific knitter and my mum paints, knits, and quilts.  Each time I sew or make something new I think about this creative thread running through the generations and, in a sense,  it brings those marvellous women back to life for a moment.

In case you were wondering, Edgar made it home to marry Betty who gave him 3 bonny babies and 50 odd years of wedded bliss.  Romantic, yes?  Sigh.

As for me, I could never compete with such a  romantic story but I can’t leave you with nothing so I will tell you I live in Melbourne with my eternally supportive and handsome husband and have chucked away my life as a lawyer to raise my 2 girls and make stuff.  I’m much happier this way. The funny thing is, until very recently I’d never really thought of myself as a creative person at all.  Discovering that I do have the creative gene that I had assumed had skipped me has been exciting.

Other things I love are reading, languages, food and Italy.  We lived in Rome for three years and I had my first baby there.  This was a defining period in my life and I remain completely, totally and utterly in love with all things Italian.

Thanks for popping in and if you would like to ask me something, do feel free to send me an email at christen[at]twirlingbetty[dot]com[dot]au

(Just replace the [at] with @ and [dot] with . )

And in case you’re wondering (I always do when I visit other blogs) the first picture is what I normally look like. The second what I very occasionally look like ie, with make up and hair brushed!

15 thoughts on “About

  1. This is fantastic Chris! Binny has been telling me to check out your blog for ages and finally I have gotten around to it and I love it! Very inspiring, I will be back for sure. Hope all is well with you and your family and wishing you all a wonderful Christmas! Love Eloise xx PS My baby boy Logan is 5.5 months now . . . am loving being a mum 🙂

    • Hi El,
      So lovely to hear from you. CONGRATULATIONS on little Logan. I had heard the beautiful news from Bin. It’s a pretty sweet time isn’t it? I’m thrilled you love motherhood and my blog! Do please come back! I would love that. You guys have a beautiful Christmas too. Hope to maybe see you in Melbourne before too long? Hugs and kisses from us 4 to you 3.

  2. Love it Love it Love it! Need I say more?

    Want a ’50s visor in every colour!

    I read on your blog about the soft toy Chrissy gift – great! What did catch my attention was the scan and print onto fabric. Not asking for what I am sure are closely guarded precious trade secrets, but I have a few piccies my little blueberries have drawn that I would dearly like to get onto a fabric and transform into a dress for them – how do you do it!?!?!?!

    I hope we can chat soon 🙂



    • Hi Vanessa
      Thanks so much for your comment. So pleased you like my visors.
      I’m more than happy to share how I print onto fabric – there’s no secret at all! It’s ridiculously simple, in fact. I’ve actually decided to do a quick post on it with an example of something using this method that I just love and have been meaning to try for ages. It might give you even more inspiration too. So stay tuned…I’ll try to get to it today!
      Take care,

  3. HI darling chris…i love this and have been reading your blog. you make me laugh out loud. i love the way you write..possibly because you make me laugh in person.
    will organise to catch up where i can force money on you for clips and visors etc etc….love jane x

    • Thanks for having a look my love. So glad it makes you laugh. Would be mortifying if all my stupidity fell flat on “paper”.

  4. Hi Christen
    Christa mentioned that you were blogging and sent me your site address, and I just spent a wonderful half hour visiting various parts of it and reading your wonderful ancestral love stories. What a super treat!
    You certainly do have that creative gene, beyond a doubt. And it is wonderful to “hear your voice” again.
    Love to you and Andrew and the girls and oc course to your beautiful Mom and Dad!

  5. Hello,

    I just wanted to let you know I love your mini bunting tutorial!
    I plan on featuring in my blog tomorrow. { List of Awesome } – 4.2.11

    Thanks for the great read!

    Terry Braun

  6. Hi Christen,

    I have been following your blog for hmmm…well since I finished working fulltime to have babies..so coming on three years! I was a late bloomer to the world of blogs and got seriously addicted! I love reading your stories and have made a few things inspired by you! It’s taken me a while but now I have just started an Etsy store and again a bit late but discovered Facebook too!

    I thought I would let you know I wrote a little bit about you on my Facebook page today. You are a real inspiration! Thank you!



  7. I finally found 5 seconds to track down your blog & am so glad I did! Perfect Friday night reading with a glass of wine & the better part of a block of chocolate. Thanks so much for the beautiful card when Billy was born, you’re very clever – can you believe he’s almost 9 months old… Your girls are just stunning. Take care, Amy xox

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