LOVE: Cat caves

There’s only one thing holding me back from buying one of these hilariously Hobbit-ish cat caves from Etsy shop Grazim :

I don’t have a cat.

But this is making me alternatively laugh, pull back in horror and “awwwwww” so much that I’m thinking of buying one  – just to see it curled up in here like this freaky puss:

All images from Grazim Etsy shop.


This is part of a new series simply called ‘LOVE:’

I buy lots of handmade stuff and see so much great stuff in my webby wanderings and have decided to start sharing a bit more of that on the off chance you might like some of it too.

I came to this decision after a blog I’ve started following recently featured two things, among others,  in the space of weeks – that I bought. I’ll link you to that blog when I post about aforesaid things.

Also, two real-life friends have  recently told me that they bought a copy of Action Pack after seeing it in my sidebar and that they would love other recommendations.

Finally, I love it when people point me to cool bits and pieces that I fall in love with and can then buy with the simple click of a button. It leaves me so much more time to browse the internet for someone selling freaky cats in my area.

Afterall, I do spend a veritable shitload of time oohing and aahing  over stuff I find of the internet. NOT pornographic stuff, mind.

That’s over on my other blog.