Valentine’s Giveaway

Ahhhhh amore! Lovely, lovely amore.

To enter the draw to win this hair clip (or I’ll make it a brooch if you prefer) simply leave me a comment telling me the best thing you’ve ever received for Valentine’s.

I’ll start the ball rolling by telling you that my favourite was the A4 page my husband gave me filled with all the reasons he loves me written in (he won’t mind me telling you this) his sometimes patchy Italian. I cry every time I read it.  And also laugh because there is one line in there that says something about soup and he can’t remember where he found the phrase or what it means. I’m taking him at his word that it’s a compliment.

Entries close at 6pm (EST) on Valentine’s Day. Once again, I’ll be using a very technical method to draw the winner that may or may not entail a blindfold and an ice-cream container.  I’m reserving my rights.

Good luck my loves!