Summer snap shots

Autumn has arrived with a grey and rainy start and I am not yet ready to relinquish my long, languid summer. So I’m doing a few photo-heavy, word-light (well, I’ll do my best at least) posts that encapsulate our summer.

We started summer early by escaping to Far North Queensland in mid October.

There were magical streams,

bunches of mind-blowingly fragrant and plump organic vanilla beans

and mermaids.

There were kids laughing delightedly on beach-side swings,

oblivious to nearby dangers!

Little babes bathing,

and little churches from South-Sea dreams.

It had jewel-like windows

that made me gasp with their clear, simple beauty in the early evening light.

There were flame trees in the day

and sparkling points of flame at night

Old strangler figs with dangling roots that had proved irresistible to humans,

and sunsets made from pure gold with mountain peaks behind rising from the oldest tropical rainforest in the world.

Yep, it was good.