We went to get two goldfish and came back with a heater, a lamp, water conditioner, water buffer, live brine, a scoop, cleaning thingies, special dried fish food and two temperamental but very beautiful Golden Balloon Rams which are not, despite their name, of the ovine variety. They’re fish.  And thank goodness, really. It took a little bit to convince my handsome husband that we (ie, he) would love cleaning the tank every week. I think bi-annual shearing would have really been stretching the friendship.

They really are the funniest little fish. They’re territorial but they do chat to each other if they happen to meet in the tank. And when they do, the iridescent blue spots on the back half of their bodies and fins light up. It’s pretty amazing.

I love this next photo because if you look carefully on the far left, you can just see Lucy’s head in the reflection of the tank wall. She spends a lot of her time hiding behind her jar. While if you squint at the right hand jar, you can just see Lucy suspended inside hers. Hiding. Or so she thinks.

Oh yeah, did I tell you they are both named Lucy? Yep. They’re both named for our beloved Lucy who looks after the girls two days a week while I’m working. So now we have three Lucy’s in the family. And we feel very lucky indeed.