twirling betty on Craftumi

twirling betty visor in Hat Shop

Craftumi is an Australian online marketplace for buying and selling craft supplies. It’s the sister site to Made It (handmade Australian) and is a fab spot to pick up whatever crafty supplies your heart desires.

Hat shop front cover

And if your heart desires the sewing pattern for twirling betty visors, you can now pop on over to my newly minted Craftumi shop and buy a copy of Hat Shop  – a compilation of fabulous things to put on your head (or your kid’s head or your life partner’s head) including my visor pattern from the wonderful publishers at Stash Books.

Fold our templates in Hat Shop book

All for the very reasonable price of $15.99 (plus postage).

Back cover Hat Shop

For my US and other side of the world readers, Hat Shop is also available in my US Etsy store.

So that’s the advertising segment of the post over.

Tonight,  to be completely honest, and for no precise reason I am feeling a little bit overwhelmed and wrung out. I know this too shall pass (hopefully by tomorrow morning) but I foresee a very large glass of restorative red wine in my near future. And perhaps an episode of Downton Abbey. And if a tipple and an hour with Lady Mary doesn’t fix it, then I really am stuffed!

I hope, au contraire to moi, that you beautiful people  – each and every one – are feeling happier than a dog with three balls. And that, as you can imagine, is some kind of happy I am wishing for you.