twirling betty packaging

Packaging is the kind of thing I lie in bed at night and consider. Not in a worried kind of way. In an “I can’t sleep so instead I’ll brainstorm packaging ideas” kinda way. Yep, me and Stephen Hawking; lying awake at night and contemplating the big things.

When I started twirling betty a couple of years ago, I chose packaging that had very natural, neutral tones. They’re hand-stamped unbleached paper bags with black stamps and standard beige swing tags. I liked the simplicity (and biodegradability) of my packaging but as I’ve headed on down my own little creative path (all the while waiting for someone to tap me on the shoulder and order me back to my desk in the law firm as they ask me who I think I am making things) I’ve developed the annoying habit of falling in love with some new design or colour combo or technique on a regular basis. In other words, my taste is continually being informed by all the wonderful stuff around me: fabrics, amazing blogs, Pinterest etc.

So I want new packaging. I want bright, colourful packaging that is in keeping with my new-found confidence with and love for colour. The only thing is, having ordered in bulk I now have a veritable shite-load of brown paper bags.

While I did momentarily toy with the idea of pulping the lot and embarking on some new packaging folly, the design of which for me would be as pleasurable as any task, I sighed and made a commitment to use up what I had first. Gawd, I’m SO middle class.

To make the pleated crepe paper I take a whole streamer roll and just manually fold it into pleats while letting it run through my sewing machine. It takes a bit of practise to coordinate your hands and to ensure the crepe paper doesn’t tangle but it’s strangely therapeutic once you get in to a rhythm. Then I simply sew a bit of streamer onto the top of each bag to close it up.

Will my packaging date? Yep. Am I bovvered? Nope. Because I look forward to the next late night packaging brainstorm.

Phew, lucky Stephen Hawking is occupied with theoretical physics because I don’t have a spare second for that kind of thing at the moment. I’m busy sewing pleated crepe paper streamers on to brown paper bags.

What do you think my darlings? What other colours of crepe would go nicely with that natural brown do you think?