Personalised packaging

I wanted a way to package the necklaces I showed you in the last post.

I am not really a great present wrapper. Presents I give tend to look like they’ve been wrapped in haste by someone with the shakes. And no eye for colour or contrast. Despite the fact they’re given with great love.

So rather than haul out the sticky tape and tissue paper and create another creased parcel with a wonky bow that not even someone who loved me could like, I came up with this.

Do give freehand sewing a try if you’re at all inclined. It’s not as tricky as it might look. You can get presser feet precisely for this kind of sewing which I HIGHLY recommend.

But in keeping with my cowboyish ways, I sew without a guard. It’s only a matter of time before there is blood splatter.

Note to self: you are risk averse in every other way, stop being so cavalier and buy a fecking freehand sewing presser foot.