twirling betty in Masterchef magazine

The cover of this magazine made me very excited. Not because of Neil Perry (dear God no, not because of Neil Perry) but because I had a sneaking feeling this would be the edition I might be in.

And I was right. It was a lovely feeling to flip through a few pages and suddenly see this:

And I am doubly chuffed as I took the photo. It was my favourite of a series I photographed for the lovely food stylist who contacted me from the mag. Let me tell you I was extremely nervous doing these photos knowing I was going to be sending them to people who spend their days styling and taking exquisite shots. I was very relieved when they got the thumbs up.

For my overseas peeps, Masterchef is a television show in which a slew of amateur contestants compete each week to retain their position in the Masterchef kitchen. Well, you can guess what title the ultimate winner is given. In Australia it is commonly referred to as a ratings juggernaut and has become as ubiquitous as photos of Oprah at the Opera House. That’s the Sydney OPERA house, not Oprah’s actual house.

Sometimes I laugh out loud (not in an evil scientist kind of way, it’s more an incredulous chuckle) at where I am now in my life; ie lawyer to…umm…well I still don’t really know what to call myself but it sure isn’t lawyer –¬† and at the things that happen when you finally start doing something you really love. The rewards don’t necessarily bring those big bucks my former career had the potential for but my goodness the inner cha-ching is enormous.


twirling betty cake bunting and banners

I recently re-photographed my cake bunting and photographed my new decorations: cake banners.

By the time made all the banners and bunting, iced the cakes, came up with decorations to dress aforesaid cakes up and sorted out a professional lighting set-up ie, sticky taped my lights to the backs of chairs so they were at the right height, it took me a full weekend but I’m happy with the results.

My handsome husband took the girls off to his mum’s for the full 48 hours (I’m in love, still) so I didn’t have them crawling into my light tent and just generally doing other helpful things like that.

I was grateful as I do tend to feel product shots are more effective without little kids’ sticky hands reaching for the cake in the background. Just my personal opinion, though.

Can I just say, learning how to set a custom white balance and availing myself of appropriate ISO settings have changed my photographic life.

If you’ve got something to celebrate, cake bunting and cake banners are available now in my Etsy and Made it shops.

What do you think my friends? Do you like the banners or will you vomit if you see one more thing atop a cake other than icing?

PS: I only sell the non-stamped bunting (the one on the pavlovas) in Australia. If readers in other countries would like plain bunting like that, please do visit the lovely Dawn’s Etsy shop: Kiki La Ru.

Longer-term readers might recall the great cake bunting scandal of 2010 (that’s what it’s referred to as in official documents at least) when twirling betty and Kiki La Ru clashed wooden skewers over who originated cake bunting. If you want the full details you can read them here (not one of my finest moments), but long story short, we both came up with the idea independently around about the same time. And now in the happiest of happy endings, we are taking on the cake bunting world as a united force! Well, that might be putting it a touch strongly, but we do refer business to each other and out of respect for Dawn I don’t sell plain bunting in my Etsy shop and she doesn’t do personalised bunting in hers.

Dawn lives near a picturesque Austrian forest and has a lovely blog too. And after a hard road (I’m not telling you anything that isn’t on her blog) she’s pregnant again and that makes me very, very happy.

Ahhh, cake bunting: bringing people around the world together one little string of flaglets at a time.