Paper punch-a-palooza!

The humble paper punch: an underrated, under-appreciated piece of manual machinery. But not for much longer.

Paper punch-a-palooza is a series of (either occasional or consecutive – haven’t decided yet) posts showcasing the marvellous possibilities of these little workhorses of the craft world.

Formerly confined mainly to the domain of hardcore scrapbookers and card makers, not to mention sadly type-cast by their name, I’m bringing these little guys out of single-use obscurity and putting them firmly in the spotlight. I’ll show you a whole host of new ways you can use your paper punches.

This is not a series for the faint-hearted. No. I am going to take you and your punches on a journey to some occasionally controversial places. I am going to punch holes in materials that some might consider just sheer recklessness.

So you’ve been warned. Walk away now if you don’t think you’ve got the intestinal fortitude required for such hard-core punching. But if you’re as excited as I am to see just how this humble tool consistently punches well above its weight (boom tish), then come. Take my hand. Let’s plunge into this festival of paper punchiness together.

Paper-punch-a-palooza Part 1 coming very soon…