Someone thinks I’m super. And a star.


If you’re not already familiar with it, Cut Out And Keep is a treasure trove of amazing craft, fashion, beauty and food tutorials; a repository for heaps of awesome stuff. And I am totally honoured and flattered and pink in the cheeks to be their most recent Crafty Superstar.

Here’s a link to my virtual trailer. In case you’re wondering, it’s quite a large trailer with heated toilet seats and a well-stocked bar. Knock loudly if you’re coming in, the plush carpets tend to mute outside noise.

Cut Out and Keep has a great online mag called Snippets.

medium_cover_1315000531 medium_cover

Every day this week the lovely Cat, who runs the joint, will be posting a different twirling betty tutorial. And there’s a bit of a blurb about me as well. Including an embarrassing musical taste admission (although it’s not so much the music as the man himself) which for any long-term readers of this blog will come as no surprise but may make others vomit a little into their mouths. The thought of which, in turn, makes me giggle.

I hate the word “giggle” by the way. What am I? A 5 year old? But chortle makes me sound like Rumpole of the Bailey and laugh is too general. Maybe snicker is what I’m looking for. Only without the mean connotation. Any and all suggestions for the appropriate word gratefully accepted.

You know what I mean.


Just go on over and look at my superstarry-ness will ya?


2 other things:

1. Remember these Due Punti rings I posted about a while back? Kate from Bensimon Diamonds saw that post and got in touch to let me know they have an introductory offer of 2 due punti rings for $99. That, my friends, is a good deal. I’ve already availed myself of it and two more friends have Due Punti rings in their future. Preciousssssss rings.

2.  I posted about our family photo shoot recently. Fi Mims, photographer extraordinaire, has posted some more photos of our family on her blog. I highly recommend Fi if you’re in Melbourne and in search of someone lovely to take some family snaps.

And just so we are totes clear, as always, those are not sponsored plugs. I just think 1. is a genuinely good deal on something I love and 2. is a doll who takes great photos.

Although if any cool company wishes to sponsor me….I’ll be in my trailer. In a negligee. Listening to Slippery When Wet.

LOVE: Due Punti silicone diamond rings

I’m not so much in love with these colourful rings as TOTALLY obsessed. I discovered them last year and they made beautiful (although slightly extravagant but I couldn’t resist ’em)  Christmas and birthday gifts for a few special people in my life.

(This photo: Due Punti website.)

I got two.

I usually wear them together but quite like the subtle look of one as well (although not so great on heat-swollen fingers).

Made in Italy, “due punti” means “two points” in Italian and the diamonds are set between two flat points of silver.

I love the juxtaposition of the colourful silicone and diamond. The diamonds are real, by the way. They’re only .o2 of a carat which means they’re so small that if the jeweller accidentally sniffed while setting them he’d probably inhale a few. Despite their diminutive size, these mere hints of diamond sparkle like a footballer’s girlfriend on the Brownlow red carpet. Only tastefully.

I think these would make the perfect engagement holding ring ie, the ring you might get in the interim while you choose the one you’ll wear forever. At $99AUS they really are pretty reasonably priced.

(This photo: Due Punti website.)

Do you like these rings or think diamonds and plastic should never meet? What colour would you buy?

Email me if you want to know where I bought mine (in Australia).