Gilded easter eggs: a tutorial

Easter egg decorated with gold foil bunny

What you need:

Gold craft foil egg decorating supplies collage

  • Metallic craft foil (I used the one I found at my local craft store, Jones Tones, but there are many brands)
  • Double-sided adhesive tape
  • Eggs

This year I went hunting for white eggs as almost all the eggs you get here, in Melbourne at least, are the brown variety. I tracked some down at the Victoria Market and I’m now obsessed with their creamy, milky purity.

Six 6 white eggs in  carton

Contrary to popular belief, the shells of white eggs are not bleached. White eggs are produced by certain breeds of chook.

What to do:

1. Blow or boil your eggs.

2. Use double-sided tape to create adhesive patterns on your eggs.

3. Rub the dull side of your metallic foil sheet over your sticky bits – or follow the instructions in your pack. Which all sounds vaguely inappropriate but it’s up to you as to how far you want to take that. I am personally known for taking things one step too far so you can guess where I am likely to end up.

You can use strips of double sided tape applied to baking paper and a paper punch to create tiny bunny stickers as I did in the first photo in the post.

Or for something more ornate, a border paper punch is a little fiddly but creates a beautiful result.

Easter egg decorated with gold scallop design

Or you can just cut strips of your tape to create this simple effect.

Easter egg decorated with gold foil band

However, no matter what method you use, there is no doubt that playdough eggs rolled in glitter produce the most spectacular eggs. As Olive’s creation here attests.


Glitter rolled playdough egg

God, how I love a glittery finger.

Easter wrap up – some eggs, the cranky bunnies and other Easterphanalia.

Hundreds and thousnads Easter egg

Easterphanalia. It is definitely a word.

The Easter bunny arrived bright and early on Sunday morning. He left some beautiful eggs this year.

chocolate bunniesSpeckled candy eggs

Golden egg

chocolate lettersI was really very impressed with the way he managed to find some unusual ones. He’s a bunny after my own heart, that one.

Plastic bag bunny

Also, a most peculiar thing happened last week – apart from the miracle of the bunny-shaped bread.

There was a sharp knock at our door but when I answered there was no one there. Just a faint smell of cinnamon and chocolate wafting on the air. On the doormat was a tiny box. Inside the box were some colourful beans. Magical beans.

Olive with orange magic bean

The kids were very excited to hear my tale and on Saturday afternoon we planted our magic beans in the garden with much anticipation and speculation.

Planting magic beans

Magic beans in the ground

Watering the magic beans

The next morning, there were cries of astonishment when the girls discovered that, overnight, lollipops had sprung up from where the beans had been planted. Lollipops with swirls of colour the same as the beans they had planted.

Sprouted lollipop

Olive eating lollipop_edited-1

By the way, did you know my 7 year old can read and has been known to read stuff over my shoulder? I”m just sayin’.

It seems that this miraculous sprouting first happened here.

The cranky bunnies were a big hit.

I turned these beautiful Italian liquorice tins into little bunny beds.

licorice tins

The grumpy ones got heart-shaped tails and cosy bedding in an effort to cheer them up.

back of little bunny

bunny in a tin

It didn’t work. Man, they are perpetually pissed off.

2 bunnies ina  tin_edited-1

And here was how we packaged up our bunny poo this year. Once again it was a huge hit with kids at kinder and school and among the more immature adults, ie, my friends.

Bags of bunny poo 2

Hope you all had a really lovely Easter and are slowly but surely recovering from the chocolate binge.

Watching baby chicks hatch makes me cry

We used food colouring gel and rubber bands to make these simple eggs.

Last week I watched as a tiny, bedraggled (and moist) little chick pushed its way determinedly out of its egg. I’ve never actually seen a chick hatch in real life. It was intensely moving.

I was so relieved when one of the kinder teachers came over to me and reassured me that so exhausted are they from fighting their way out that these fragile but independent newborns close their eyes and have a big sleep straight after hatching. I’d had my fingers poised over my phone to dial 000.

Have a safe and happy Easter lovely readers.