A gentle slide into 2014


Well I dunno about you but I am almost pathologically avoiding engaging my mind with the new year in any way other than holiday mode.


We went on a road trip just after Christmas that took in Metung in Gippsland, Mollymook on the NSW South Coast, Sydney and back again. Only when we got back to Metung I couldn’t bring myself to leave for Melbourne on the appointed day so the girls and I hung around for another week. It was blissful.


So we’re just back and I am still kind of drifting along. And I’m going to just keep going like this for a bit I think. Not least because tomorrow’s predicted high of 43 degrees signals the start of what is shaping up to be a blistering heatwave. And in my books, temps like that give me carte blanche to move very slowly indeed. I mean, it would be bad for our health to do very much, you understand.


So these pics. Now I know I am pretty much the absolute last to the party but joining Instagram has meant I’ve used my camera phone a lot more than I ever have. And it’s been a bit of a revelation. All the shots in this post were taken with my iPhone 5S. The camera is fantastic and it’s kind of a relief not to lug around my big DSLR every now and then.


If you want any more information click  the “Instagram” in the top right corner.


I wish I could work out how to embed just the pictures and not the “likes”. I gave it a desultory go last night but as my head still thinks its sitting on a deck chair looking out over water it refused to comply.


There are lots more on my Instagram feed including a v cute koala we spied on Raymond Island (which is no great feat as frankly you do have to be blind not to see a koala on the island) and a shot taken 60 metres underground at Buchan Caves of a miraculous crystal formation. If you follow me, let me know you’ve come via the blog. I’ll love you even more than I already do.


Is anyone else feeling as dreamy and drifty as I? I hope at least some of you are – because that would be indicative of equally happy holidays.


[EDITED TO ADD: It looks as though my Instgram pics aren’t showing up in the WordPress mailout.  If you are subscribed that way and can’t see the pictures,you’ll have to click through to the blog. Bugger. Sorry.]

New Year’s resolutions and family portraits


New Year resos. Yeah, I’ve had a few.

This year’s include some totally achievable and not-at-all unrealistic things like “lose 20kg by May” and “write book”. There are also a swathe that focus on family and basically boil down to cherishing the everyday moments instead of railing against the mundane.

Well, only time will tell how I go with this year’s plans but I did at least tick off one of last year’s resolutions and got some professional family photos done towards the end of last year.

We spent an afternoon with the lovely Fi of Fi Mims Photography. She and her husband also own and run the laid-back Cowderoy’s Dairy in St Kilda  – a favourite spot many Melbournites will be familiar with.

I can’t recommend her highly enough as a great gal and beautiful photographer.  She not only somehow got Olive to respond to her gentle suggestions, but also managed to capture us in a way that’s different to our usual totally un-posed stuff but that is still really natural and true. Quite the miracle really.

Fi was a pleasure to work with and at the end of our session, she took a couple of polaroids and left them with us. I loved that little touch of having some candid shots from the day while we waited for the really good stuff. I had a hard time choosing which prints to buy, but eventually settled on this lot.

So here we are my loves: me, that handsome husband and those dear little baby Bettys.

Family Portrait Fi Mims Photography - Soph and Olive Olive

Soph story 3

And yep, I am totally hiding the extra 20kgs I’m carrying behind my child. Well, kids have to be good for something, right?

Happy New Year my loves.  I hope 2013 is the bees knees. The cat’s whiskers. The duck’s guts. All those good things.