LOVE: Action Pack e-mags for kids

I’m sure many of you are already fans of Whip Up – one of the earliest and most respected blogs that brings to one spot all things handmade from everywhere along with stacks of other good stuff.

A while back, Kathreen Ricketson, Whip Up’s founder, began producing Action Packs for kids:  fabulous downloadable magazines full of activities based around a theme.

Previous themes have included, among others,  Mad Scientist with the best simple experiments (my fave is the oily fireworks), Go Tribal, Family Cooking and Celebration.

The magazines are free of ads and just really truly inspiring. Full to the brim with alluring, fun and simple activities,  the baby Bettys are practically foaming at the mouth to try pretty much everything in the editions we have bought. Plus, they learn stuff along the way.

The magazines are beautifully put together with gorgeous illustrations and natural, uncontrived photography.  And if I’m honest I want to do most of the activities just as much as my kids.

The most recent edition is Family Apothecary. It’s filled with natural lotions, potions, salves, balms, deodorisers and detergents. I’ve just printed our copy out and it’s beautiful.

I think purchasing a link to this edition (or indeed any edition) and printing it out for the kids in a family would make such a great Christmas present. You could bind it nicely if you were so inclined or just bulldog clip it if you weren’t. You could even make one of the things from the mag –  a zesty bath bomb or jar of healing  salve – to give along with the magazine. There are even gorgeous tags included in this issue you can cut out and use for your home made gifts.

What’s not to love.

All photos from the Action Pack website.

Buy the Action Packs here.

PS: Do be good eggs and make sure you buy a link for each family for which you plan to download and print a copy – or send a link to. The packs are so reasonably priced (the bundles even more so) for what they are and it’s just wouldn’t be cricket to see all Kathreen and her family’s work go unrewarded.

PPS: As always, I’m at pains to be clear about stuff. I have a link in my sidebar to Action Packs under the heading Things I Love. Kathreen has an affiliate program whereby if you link to her on your blog you receive a commission every time someone clicks through from your blog to buy a pack. I am not an affiliate. I decided I just loved it and didn’t want to take a commission for promotion. I think she deserves every penny that comes her way. But don’t let that stop you promoting the Action Pack if you love it and joining her affiliate program. A great way to spread the word and earn money to buy your next pack!