Final installment in the jewel birthday party chronicles

If I don’t post this now, time is going to slip away and Sophia will be 15 at this rate. And I don’t think she’ll be half as impressed at 15 as she was at 6.

The cake was a jewellery box.

There was gem-shaped food. Diamond fairy bread

And white choc fudge with edible shimmery glittery stuff on top. The little girls LOVED it.

I am actually very proud of my diamond pinata (if I do  say so myself). Turns out, innumeracy is no barrier to constructing 3D geometric shapes. Thank goodness.

The pinata turned out to be just a tad too robust so we had to call in this bruiser with a metal bar. Barefoot and beads slung back, she’s grinning at all the big girls laughing at/with her

The gorgeous be-jewelled gals who attended on the day took home these little favour bags with a jewel-shaped  chocolate (in the sewn pouch), some little glittery gems and an extraordinarily large diamond ring. Real, of course.

I also made these plates for each kid using ceramic pens.

They were a big hit.

And I wish you could have seen their little eyes widen when I told them they got to take those home with them too. Awfully sweet.

I tell ya, if you’re going to have a party, I can highly recommend 10 little 6 year-old girls as guests. They were an utter delight. Sweet, polite, excited, funny, natural, friendly. Just divine. Could have eaten every last one of ’em.

And the birthday girl? Tired.

But so happy.