Soap confetti 2

This is a much simpler way to make soap confetti; although first you must source soap leaves. If you consult the Googly fount of all knowledge you will see lots of sources.

I arrived upon mine years ago as a freebie with some contact lense fluid. Sexy. And yes, that does potentially make me a hoarder but also makes me thankful to the crafty Gods. Someone up there was willing me to keep these disturbingly insubstantial soapy bits.

In terms of satisfying process, punching through these soapy wafers was totally unedifying. It’s what I imagine punching through a cobweb would be like.

Still it’s very easy. And there’s always something to be said for that.

Go on, sprinkle some in your bath. It’s like a tub full of gentle, peachy cobwebs confetti.

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