The BEST hot chocolate with homemade marshmallows

It’s so grey and miserable in Melbourne. We needed pepping up. Hot chocolate (see the steam?) made it better.

One of my very bestest recently came to Melbourne and because she knows me deeply, brought me this drinking chocolate.

For the first time since we lived in Italy (and despite numerous attempts) I was able to replicate the thick, delicious hot chocolate we had there.

So thick, you can almost stand a spoon up in it.

And if not a spoon, then a big, fat homemade marshmallow.

I KNEW this silicone mould

(bought despite protests from handsome husband along the lines of “but what will you use it for?” – as if that’s ever stopped me) would come into its own.

Also, I’ve decided that cups just don’t cut it. It’s warm bol au chocolat for us.

Yep, whole bowls full.