Fabric tape removable wall decals: a sneak peek at my next tutorial

Right. So we have washi tape. Then we have magnets that have washi tape stuck to them and look like a bit of washi tape but are actually magnets.

And soon I will give you fabric “tape” that looks a bit like fabric washi tape but really looks more just like fabric tape and isn’t t actually tape in the traditionally sticky sense but is made of fabric. And is removable. And it won’t damage your wall or your photo or your print or paper of whatever.

I know, SHUT THE F…ront door, right?

Stay tuned and over this weekend all will be explained: ie my new method for pinning stuff to walls using these wondrous removable fabric tape decal thingies.

Repeating myself much?

Before I scamper, the winner of my giveaway was Shea: commentor no.9. I used the good ‘ole random number generator to pick my winner (because the kids were in the bath). Congratulations Shea and thanks to everyone who entered. I would like to send you all a visor and if I had lots and lots of time I would.

Paper napkin wallflower tutorial here.

twirling betty in the press and a giveaway

It’s pretty much bang on one year since I launched twirling betty – the biz – and my one year blog anniversary is fast approaching too.

And what a year it’s been. Below is short summary of each and every blog post I’ve done this year. Joking. I’ve only summarised the last 6 months. HA! Got you again. (I know I didn’t but maybe you could just humour me?).

What’s actually below is something I am very excited about. It’s twirling betty’s first hard copy editorial feature!

Is that even what you call it? An editorial feature? Feature makes it sound like a really big spread. Which it isn’t. Which isn’t to say it’s not a big deal. It is. To me, at any rate. Maybe I should refer to it as a feature-ling? Sounds kind of creepy and alien. A featurette? Too 1950s.

How about I just say this: twirling betty headbands got a look-in in the Fashion Shopping section of the latest issue of My Child magazine and you could knock me over with a feather and pick me back up again with a gentle puff.

To celebrate, I’m having a giveaway for my blog subscribers.

To win, you simply have to be an existing subscriber or become one and leave a comment on this post telling me the best thing that has happened to you in the last 12 months.

Now look, don’t feel any pressure to come up with anything particularly witty or interesting. I don’t care how big or small or amusing or serious your best thing is. I just want to hear about it. I’m making the comment a condition of entry (because I love hearing about the good things that happen to people) but I will be picking the winner at random.

The winner will be able to choose whichever twirling betty product takes their fancy from either my Made It or Etsy shop.

The giveaway is open to all subscribers – both here in Australia and overseas.

The competition closes on Wednesday, 8th September 12 at 5.00pm Australian Eastern Standard Time.

Good luck my lovely twirling friends.

Tiny Showcase – art for all!

“Down Down Down” by Jen Corace.

I recently bought this beautiful print from Tiny Showcase. Isn’t it dreamy?

Do you know about Tiny Showcase? It’s a fab place where you can buy limited run print art at affordable prices. I mean really affordable.

“See America” Tropic of Malaria

My lovely bloggy friend Thea from Mon Ami (she has a delightful blog you should check out) put me onto it and I’m so glad she did.

I love Tiny Showcase’s philosophy of art being financially accessible to everyone.

“Doily Body: Brain” by Lisa Solomon

So spread the word:  you no longer need to have a fortune  to collect lovely art. Hooray!

That said, I’m still holding out to come across a fortune sooner or later. It’s bound to happen to me at some point. After all, nature loves a vacuum.

PS: Pop over to the beautiful Smaller blog and leave a comment on this post if you would like a chance to win a twirling betty visor.