Washi tape stickers: Part 3 in the Paper Punch-a-palooza series

What do you get when you combine a paper punch with Japanese washi tape? Why you get homemade stickers that are almost as cute as a dwarf rabbit in a sock.

It’s a really simple process and I actually came up with the idea months ago when I was trying to work out a way to decorate my sewing machine. What? Doesn’t everyone decorate their sewing machines? Of course you do.

Anyway, I googled the idea to see if anyone else had come up with it, and they had. A wonderful blog called Creature Comforts did this post on making Easter stickers back in March. So while I can’t claim to be the first person to combine washi tape with paper punches (although apparently can lay claim to the hilarious title of being the first to combine washi tape with magnets  – my most popular tutorial EVER, btw) , I have come up with a slight variation or two on the theme.

What you need:

  • Washi Tape (duh)
  • Paper punches (double duh)
  • Baking paper.

What to do.

1. Lay strips of washi tape onto the baking paper. Ensure the edges of each strip of tape overlap just a fraction so that the sticker will stay together when you peel it off the  backing.

2. Punch it up my friends. Punch it UP.

I decided to see how a border paper punch would go.

It went beeeuuuutifully.

As I mentioned above, I decided to decorate my sewing machine with some of these stickers. The results make me happy.

There’s a sneak peek at the Christmas centrepiece I’m working on in the background, too.

And as I’m in complete love with my jumpo tag punch, I decided to give him (yes, he’s a big, strong male of the species) a run while I was at it. I must confess that the tag punch didn’t come out quite as neatly as I’d hoped and I trimmed the edges a little bit to neaten it up. But it wasn’t too bad. You can see the rough edges in this photo in which I’m peeling the sticker off the backing.

If you do have trouble getting the punch edges to bite cleanly through the tape and baking paper, you could try layering your stickers between two sheets of paper. This gives the punch something more papery to bite in to and seems to help.

Given the season, here are a couple of other ideas for wrapping your pressies – or making cards.

What? You’ve never heard of Christmas bunnies? Eeeeveryone knows about them. They run around in a flurry of silver snow flakes being very Christmassy indeed.

I had to pop that silver paint pen in the picture because I just bought it yesterday and it makes me very nostalgic for my childhood. It was probably one of the few crafty supplies I had as a kid. I loved my gold and silver paint pens deeply, used them sparingly and, worryingly, inhaled their heady, painty scent with glee each time I pulled the cap off. So I was transported back to my childhood as I uncapped my pen yesterday and inhaled deeply. And passed out dizzy on the couch. Joking.

Sharpening paper punches

A commenter on the fabric luggage tags post asked me a good question about sharpening paper punches. And given the abuse I often subject my punches to, she raises a really good point. If your punch edges do dull, there are a couple of things you can try. The first, also mentioned by aforesaid commenter, is to punch through some tin foil a few times. But if you need to bring out the big guns, I find punching through thick-ish sand paper a few times works really well. Just ensure the rough side is faced onto the cutting edge.

This is the third in my Paper Punch-a-palooza series. If you enjoyed this then you might also like my first two Paper Punch-a-palooza posts:

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