Photo of underwater baby with washi tape magnets            Soap confetti - blue - luminous 4            Harrison bunting - plaid cake - square            Height chart (2)

Betty - wedding day - fabric washi tape decal            Trifle in mason jar            Polka dot love heart badge pin brooch (2)            Pile of 3 wooden cheese boards

edible cake confetti 4_edited-1            blue flower fabric lamp            confetti washi tape jam jar lids            Group of mini fabric bunting cards - orange and white flags - blue bakers twine

Scratch n' sniff cinnamon card  - 1600px            Twin gold dust heart necklaces            Daisy top for Daisy_edited-1            pleated hair accessory

Fabric confetti            Cake stand with washi tape border            Me with Porridge and fabric clip magnet            Finished luggage tags

Chopped confetti in rainbow layers            Plaited headband back view            Fabric covered bead necklace - blue florals (2)            Love heart singlets_edited-1

Crepe paper wings            Ipad cover            Quilted blanket with ribbon loops (2)            ON AIR lamp

2 thoughts on “Tutorials

  1. I like the layout of this page, so pretty! How did you do make your them shown as thumbnail?Is this a built-in function of your Adelle theme? I really really like it and hope to make some adjustments to my blog page. Thank you!

    • Thanks Rigi. I wish I could tell you it was simple and built into the Adelle theme but I actually custom sized and linked each one individually. Quite a bit of work! Glad you like the look of it.

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