Cake as canvas: some cakes I’ve stamped recently

I am a leetle bit obsessed with the stamping on cakes thing. You might recall a while back that this was my first go.

This is the first of my most recent experiments.

The beautiful stamp set comes from Yellow Owl Workshop.

It worked okay but wasn’t as crisp as I would have liked. That said the smudgy edges grew on me and put me in mind, in the end, of the lazy hazy blurriness of a long, hot summer.

This one was for my dad’s birthday – he’s a dead-keen sailor. And we both agree that Moby Dick is probably the best novel we’ve ever read.

I had the stamp custom carved for this project by my friend and stamp-carver extraordinare Holly from Two Cheese Please. She did this beautiful olive one for me a while back. She’s outdone herself with my whale I think.

You know the most time-consuming bit of this? Making the cakes to ice.

Oh yeah, except for this one which is actually a delicious book.

My 7 year old was horrified when she saw me taking these photos. “You can’t give away our secrets” she said. We had a long talk about which secrets are worth keeping.

PS: The cake under Moby Dick was a genuinely edible fruit cake made to a time-honoured and treasured family recipe. By my mother. I wanted to ice a book for him.