Mini terrarium: part one of a Mini Series

I mean the whole thing about terrariums is that they are mini,  no? On a small scale. Tiny greenhouses in essence. Nonetheless, I feel this does warrant the “mini” tag as it is teeny weeny even in the terrarium scheme of things.

Mini terrariums (and indeed terrariums in every form really) have been floating around the crafty world for a few years  and I finally got around to making my own.

Amongst my friends I am pretty much alone in getting excited about digging moss out from between dirty bricks and cobblestones in our urban street. In fact, when I found a particularly bright green and lush patch of moss in front of my friend’s house and asked her if she minded if I excavated some, she looked at me with the kind of concern and sympathy usually reserved for advanced Alzheimer’s patients.

Undeterred, Sophia ( I always rope my kids into my crazy ideas – what else are they good for I ask ya) and I got out our trowels and began carefully digging. After discarding a cigarette butt and some stray dog (I hope) hairs (eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew) we had a beautiful selection of two types of ground lovin’ greenery. One is certainly moss. Not sure of the other but it gives our landscape variety and I loves it.

We lined the base with vermiculite  – to encourage the humid conditions moss enjoys –  and laid our moss down. We were also careful to bring as much of the soil the moss was growing in with us as possible.

The tiny house is one of this set of three.

This gives you a sense of their scale (that’s Sophia’s 6 year-old palm)

I bought them from Little Red Door on Etsy.

We had left over supplies so Sophia and Olive made what I think does actually resemble a vaguely prehistoric landscape.

Well, except for the little house in the corner.

Not something I expect we’ll see popping up in Land of the Dinosaurs 3.

Although this giant ogre might?

Well the baby sister has to get a look in on the project somehow, yes?