LOVE: Danielle Rickaby turf paper weights

These remind me of my mini terrarium from my last post.

Love the way you can choose manicured or every-which-way grass. And, as the artist  points out,  no sprinkler required.

Buy here.

And if money were no object I’d buy one of these in her Diamond Series.

Photo from Danielle Rickaby’s blog, Glassy Knoll.

My splurge: Phil Cuttance’s Faceture

I splurged on this vase by Phil Cuttance recently and I can’t stop looking at it.

The play of light and shadow on it is endlessly fascinating.

“It also looks almost digital but it’s actually super low-fi”*

Each vase is handmade and not only that but handmade from a different mould each time. This wonderful video shows you the mesmerising process. Truly, even if you’re not into how stuff is made, this is worth watching. The process itself is an artwork.

“I’m working out an approach that I like – handmade and craft-based, because craft isn’t a dirty word anymore…The Industrial Revolution kicked off in London, and there are still so many corner shops where people do craft-based things, like blacksmiths or little potters” *

Yes, yes, yes.


This is just one (eeek) of the things I’ve bought after seeing it on one of my most favourite Aussie design blogs, Kitten Bear.

*Quotes from interview with Phil Cuttance in 2012 Autumn Australian DQ Magazine.

Paint-dipped chopsticks – a fabulous idea

So, yesterday I finally got around to posting my enamel paint-dipped cake slice and then this morning as I was cruising through some blogs I love I saw this great take on the very paint dipping concept of which we had just been chatting.

I love this version because you don’t need special paints or (high-tech gadgetry like pliers held together with elastic bands). Of course, the results are more fleeting but I think fleeting beauty is every bit as lovely and worthwhile.

DIY Paint-Dipped Chopsticks on Poppytalk.