Fabric lamp shade (IKEA hack): a tutorial

I have always been an IKEA fan. When we lived in Rome pretty much our entire apartment was furnished with IKEA furniture. Which means that when I am wandering around this Swedish store in far-flung antipodean Melbourne I feel like I am in Rome. How’s that for bang for your international buck!

In fact, just a glimpse of the bedside tables we had in Italy can reduce me to nostalgic tears. Sometimes it’s all I can do not to throw myself down onto the closest Ektorp and bawl my eyes out.

I generally manage to control myself but that’s not to say my handsome husband hasn’t found me misty-eyed and gently fondling the familiar curves of a white plastic chair.

Aaaaanyhoohaa, enough about my inappropriate advances on Swedish furniture and on to the tutorial for this lovely fabric covered lamp.

What you’ll need:

  •  IKEA Tassa Natt lamp. The article number, in Australia at least, is 201.316.08


  •  Fabric.
  • Sticky tape
  •  A low-wattage bulb. I used 15 watts.

What to do:

1. Unscrew front plastic cover from lamp and take off the annoying whimsical dancing frogs.

2. Use the paper as a template to cut your fabric to size. Alternatively, the measurements are roughly (and you can be a bit rough with this) : 25cm x 17.7cm or 10″ x 7″”.

If you want to hem your fabric, add whatever your seam allowance will be to the measurements above.

You can just use a rectangle of fabric and either hem the edges (although I, true to form, didn’t bother) or, as you can see in the next photo, simply sew some cute ribbon or trim along each edge.

3. Using sticky tape on the inside edges, attach fabric to plastic cover.

4. Whack that sucker back into its mounting frame (which you will have previously screwed into your wall)

5. Let the line shine in.

Easy, non? Mais oui.

One word of caution: there is always a risk of fire danger when you add materials to a lamp (or indeed anything that generates heat). I recommend using a very low wattage bulb as I have (15 watts) which, even after hours of continuously being on, was barely warm. That said, this is probably better as a mood light rather than something you would leave on all night long in your or your child’s room.

No need to limit ourselves to kids’ bedrooms though.

I think two of these (perhaps not so much in this fabric) – one either side of a headboard  – or indeed in any room would look fab. In fact, I am working on some wall decorating in our living room and think this might be just the trick in among our pictures.

I also love that the fabric can be changed so easily – always a good thing for someone like me who falls in love with something new every other day.

Here’s the lamp in situ. This is Sophia’s little nook. We live in a small house so when I put both my girls into a bedroom together a year or so ago, I wanted to create a tiny space for Sophia to retreat into if she felt the need. A space just for her. A curtain (IKEA, of course) strung between her wardrobe and the wall makes the perfect little spot.

She likes to sit and read books in there.

Although she’s getting kind of long now. We might need to start thinking about an extension.

So there you have it my darlings, a lovely fabric lamp for a cosy space. I hope you are inspired to brave the never-ending maze of halls and pathways at IKEA and have a go at your own. Take lots of water and a GPS if you want to be absolutely sure you’ll make it back out alive.

6 thoughts on “Fabric lamp shade (IKEA hack): a tutorial

  1. They are gorgeous and seem quite simple to make too. I love your choice of fabrics and the difference it can make to a room. Thank you – I can’t wait to get started!! xxx

  2. loving these! I’ve been looking for the right fabric lamps for over a year – now I’m making them myself! Thank you for the inspiration…..off to Ikea

  3. Cool. I especially like that you could change the fabric seasonally.

    And I must admit, though 80% of my household furniture is from Ikea, Mr D and I have a choice barney every time we go there. Every single time.

    Love the lamp though, I wonder if you can adhere it to the wall temporarily for my rented house?

    • Hi Melanie – thanks. I got the fabric at Spotlight. Over a year ago now though I’m afraid. So I’m not sure they would still have it but you could try…

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