A gorgeous gaggle of gals

These gorgeous girls were watching me from the other side of the road, giggling and nudging each other. When I smiled and waved and pointed to my camera they ran across the road in a flash for a chat and a photo.

They wanted to practise their English and I was happy to oblige. They really were just the sweetest things ever. They introduced themselves, each putting their hands in mine in turn for a brief moment. I can’t recall all their names but I know one was Kartini – named for the historical Indonesian figure Raden Ayu Kartini who is widely considered Indonesia’s first feminist.

They were so lovely and articulate and sweet. I wanted to pop them in my pocket and bring them home with me.

Before I go, I just wanted to say that the comments on my last post moved me to tears. Thank you so much for your thoughtful, supportive and above all, just bloody lovely, words.

One thought on “A gorgeous gaggle of gals

  1. Hi Trenny, what beautiful people – I am loving that you have got your Indo groove back, and I’m very proud. It must have been a milestone moment (and a cathartic one) to write about your experiences at the time of the bombings, let alone to write it while you were in Indonesia. It took me back to my experience in London in 2006 – I think experiences such as these give us an insight into what is important and encourages us to live our best life possible. I love you xx

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