The baby Bettys in the Children’s Garden at the Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens

Spring is really springing here and we’ve had a few days of really gorgeous weather. But, because this is Melbourne, they are predicting hail and gale-force winds with patches of 40 degree Celsius heat tomorrow. Well not quite but you get the unpredictable picture.

With the warmer weather my mind is turning to picnics and one of the best places to spread your rug in Melbourne is at the Royal Botanic Gardens.

These photos were taken in the Children’s Garden at the beginning of last Autumn  – right before it turned wear-your-socks-to-bed cold.  It’s such a great space; I really  love it. As do the Baby Bettys. Which is a always a bonus when you’re dragging them somewhere for the morning.

There are so many different colours, patterns and textures, not to mention hidden spots to explore and, well, hide in but all pulled together in a somehow tranquil way.

The stream is a highlight – perfect for sailing leaf boats down and paddling in  – and there’s no stopping them, no matter how cold the day. So I don’t even try.

Each end of the stream leads to a different world: one to a tiny rocky island with secret paths through child-tall reeds,

the other to a slightly weird and lumpy fountain. The spouts of which the littlest one delights in stopping with her finger to freak out her big sister with the threat of a sudden soaking.

It’s a special spot within the greater Gardens) and I am making a vow now that this year I will do a proper picnic there one weekend. And when I say proper I mean one with  pink lemonade or, – as I like to call it – Moscato.

PS: Click here to go to my guest post during the Northern Hemisphere Spring a while back on The Salty Pineapple blog for the how-to for my ultimate, portable picnic dessert: trifle in a mason jar.

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