Candy cane lollipops and denial.

The eldest of the baby bettys finished kindergarten this week. I held up much better than I thought I would.

I do find the thought that she’s starting school next year somewhat confronting. I mean, I’m pretty sure it was only last week I was toting her around Rome as a newborn in her baby carrier. That child had the pinkest cheeks in the ancient city from all the loving pinches she received from besotted Italians.

This is how she was about two seconds ago one brisk evening at the Roman Forum.

That photo cracks me up because Soph, in typical form, is attempting to lick the edge of the baby bjorn. She did that a lot. Freaky. And kind of gross after a really good gumming.

Anyway, I know it’s such a trite thing to say but time really does fly when your kids are little and, frankly, I’m not happy about it.

But what I am happy about is Christmas. We’ve been doing lots of Christmassy stuff including making these little candy cane lollipops for all Soph’s kinder friends.

I used this tutorial. There is a real art to getting the candy canes to the stage where you can mould them around the sticks without taking the first few layers of skin of your fingers. My advice is to proceed with caution. Neither 3rd degree burns nor swearing like a trooper as I did are very festive.

I made these little tags and Soph wrote each kid’s name on the back.

So, from licking her baby carrier to heading off for her last day at kinder (thinking she’s looking the bees knees in that dress for her Christmas concert), that’s my tiny baby.

Yes, she’s my tiny weeny baby and I intend to see she stays that way.

Because I am floating happily down that vast river in Egypt.

One thought on “Candy cane lollipops and denial.

  1. I know that feeling too well. The thought of my little friend at school and not following me everywhere breaks my heart. No wonder people keep on having babies! Cute candy cane lollies…I would probably take swearing to a new level if I attempted those but they look fab.x

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