Not impressed

Despite trying to explain that the roly poly carrot variety (CUTEST name ever, BTW) was more squat than long, Olive was not impressed when we dug up our winter vegetable patch last year. I’ve entitled that photo, Crocodile Dundee style,  “You call that a carrot?”

Look, there were a couple of very cute round ones but frankly they were more pathetic than endearing. More of a sniff than a bite.

And we had dismal failures with the radishes (which apparently even the most challenged gardeners can grow) not to mention the leeks and broad beans.

Nonetheless, I am going to forge on with new crops soon but plan to stick to what has worked in the past: swiss chard, cavolo nero, silver beet and salad greens.

And the olive harvest is next weekend…

7 thoughts on “Not impressed

  1. We’ve tried growing those roly poly carrots with similarly dismal results…sigh. Snow peas, beans and zucchini seem to work best for us. 🙂

  2. I’d love to eat those little carrot balls roasted in the oven. Seriously, my kids would lap those up! Can’t believe that is Olive. Must have been a while since you posted a pic as she looks soooo grown up 🙂

    • Well, one of your kids might have got half a moutful out of the whole bunch! Actually we did eat them raw and they were sweet and delicious. But gone in an instant! I think I swallowed some whole they were so small.
      Re Olive – she’s so much bigger now – that pic was almost 9 months ago! I bet Kitty is growling illegally fast too?

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