Ceramic heart necklaces

I’m on such a gold kick at the moment.

I made these for the daughters of a very dear friend of mine. I stayed with her recently and was delighted to reconnect with her little babes who I’ve known since birth but are not so little now at 10 and 13.

I wanted to make them something but worried about the reaction of a tween and a teen to “handmade” stuff.

I needn’t have worried. Their mother trained them well in the gentle art of gracious gift acceptance. As a result I will never know if they really liked these or not – but they certainly made all the right noises.

And of course I never miss an opportunity for personalisation.

I KNOW! I can’t believe she called her kids Salt ‘n’Pepa either.

I made a rather more restrained one for my eldest gal.  She’s still far too little for anything golden anything except sunshine.

But she needs to be able to turn it over and be sure it’s hers, yes?

5 thoughts on “Ceramic heart necklaces

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