Personalised ceramic heart necklace

A little while back I made these golden heart necklaces for some young friends. This time I made one for me.

As you may know by now, I have an illness which requires me to personalise everything. At least once.

I painted some more of my little ceramic hearts and this time, added a tiny letter to the back of each – one for each of my beloveds.

After the paint and ink dried, I sprayed each heart with a protective gloss coat (I like this because it’s low odour and non-toxic once dry).

I put a jump ring through each and then strung them on a long chain and I’m really happy with the way the hearts fall back into this lovely line with gold on top each time they move around.

Plus, this way you can keep adding hearts as new beloveds appear.

I love the idea of having my three most precious ones on hearts and close to my heart. And in keeping with my slightly superstitious nature (I rail against it but, really, what’s the harm?) I now refuse to travel without this necklace around my neck.

And my lucky edible undies on.

I’m thinking of making some of these for my girls for Christmas but with their whole names stamped on the back; a different colour for each heart. Surely there will come a time in the future where they look at me with a pleading “for-the-love-of-Gaga-no-more-personalised-crap” look in their eyes. But that day has not yet come my friends. And so, in the meantime, I shall personalise it all on up.

PS: If you’ve a mind to try this, I bought my ceramic hearts from this Etsy shop – I recommend it – the owner is lovely and helpful.

Ceramic heart necklaces

I’m on such a gold kick at the moment.

I made these for the daughters of a very dear friend of mine. I stayed with her recently and was delighted to reconnect with her little babes who I’ve known since birth but are not so little now at 10 and 13.

I wanted to make them something but worried about the reaction of a tween and a teen to “handmade” stuff.

I needn’t have worried. Their mother trained them well in the gentle art of gracious gift acceptance. As a result I will never know if they really liked these or not – but they certainly made all the right noises.

And of course I never miss an opportunity for personalisation.

I KNOW! I can’t believe she called her kids Salt ‘n’Pepa either.

I made a rather more restrained one for my eldest gal.¬† She’s still far too little for anything golden anything except sunshine.

But she needs to be able to turn it over and be sure it’s hers, yes?